About Us


Our aim is to provide engaging and memorable footage of some of life’s biggest highlights. We do that in a Warm, Original and sometimes Whimsical way, to live up to our business motto, Videos that WOW. We design our products around affordable packages, without compromising customer expectations. Our customers’ satisfaction is a major driver in all our endeavours.


Gail & I tied the knot last Nov ‘13, so yes, we are newlyweds in that sense, and have juggled a lot of the decisions many engaged couples are now making.  But I do have three adult children, 2 married. They are openly called Charlie’s Angels; Proud Dad, they are beautiful kids, who mercilessly, were captured on Super 8 ( you might have to Google that ) in the 80’s, then video thru the 90’s. While stationed ‘out West ‘ we captured weddings, school plays, deb balls, conferences, highlights in the beef cattle industry, local politics and an occasional natural disaster.  We were an on call contact, for Channel 7 NEWS. Commercial videos grew out of a family passion, some 21yrs ago.  Videographer to Film Maker - technology may change, but those formative roots instilled the importance of warmth, good story telling, originality and value for money, in everything we do.   


Small family, web based businesses, sink or swim based on reputation and leads.  Should you like what you see, please mention Videos Elite to friends and family. We genuinely reward positive, leads to a booking, referrals.  Just email us the details and we’ll arrange a thanks, be it discounts or a small gift.
Our Thanks Coupons can be passed onto friends of course. Videos Elite, videos that WOW, aim to provide great, affordable products.