Heirlooms In A Box

Living Family Videos

Our Inspiration  

Everyone has a history, his story and her story.  We share our everyday yarns with friends and family, without much thought, but as the years roll on, a lot of Special Stories get left behind.   And some of us, watch many Stories, complete stranger's stories, on the TV, all the time.   When was the last time you officially said, a real thank you, to love ones?  
And what ever happened to the family photo albums?    So we thought we’d give you a chance to express some thoughts and make a little family history, of your own.  For some, this is a Bucket List opportunity, for others, bridge building, a priceless gift to your partner, a pit stop in life, to reflect, to just sit and smile and share a yarn.   A little indulgence for your Grandmother, Aunty, Uncle, Father, Grandchild, Brother or Sister, it’s All in the Family.  
FOR Guys Eyes ONLY  - a Touch of Romance.           You’re in your 50’s, maybe a tad older and been together for how long?  Some of us, not me, have managed to fathom the  depths of the soul, of this delight, we call women.   Videos Elite can biasly say, we know of few quality gifts, for such reasonable monies, that creates this much kudos, in a woman’s heart .   Maybe, an unfair advantage?  Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, or just for being Special and putting up with  ………………. We didn’t say that.


We combine a little chatting, and who can’t do that, with dusting off that photo album, to begin the fun.  Then fold in a little video magic, of Videos Elite, and produce a 20-30 min tribute to the best story teller of your life – YOU.  

A gift to your partner, distant love one, an unforgettable Christmas present or Special Milestone event.  It is a real arm chair ride adventure.    So what’s stopping you?  

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MunchCIN Movies

Baby portraits are great.  But movement and sound captures the true reflection of your bundle of joy.   Allow us to create a true masterpiece, of a magic moment in time.  And one of our goals is to capture the Magic between Mother & Child. 

The final format is a montage of photos and video of approx. 20mins.    We suggest 12 -18mth olds is an ideal window.  We also offer Toddler Pacs 1, 3 and 5-year bookings.  We further suggest, at least 1 birthday party, to build this Great Treasure  

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Twilight CHAT 

Inspiration  -  I visited my mum, for 3 yrs, between 2011-13 in a Brisbane Nursing Home. She had terminal cancer.  It would have been great to have some final, warm, just chatting footage, with her and my adult kids.    I did take some footage, but much of it a little too late.

Nursing homes and other institutions can be spirit sapping for even the strongest souls and can cast its shadow over the whole family. I do remember visiting my g’ma, in her Ashgrove ‘new home’, while in primary school.   ‘Old Peoples Homes’ can spell lack of independence, but conversely new opportunities with the right frame of mind.   Not everyone can write or has a desire to, BUT most can chat?    I found everyone around my mum would like a chat, when I called in.

This Video Family Portrait is a rare opportunity, perhaps with the grandkids and close family friends, to build a legacy like no other.  We’ll build a 20-30 min memoir with historical photo album shots, when we can.

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LastFAREwell  - Funeral Video

We do discrete and respectful funerals, with interviews of key family members, to form a wonderful, warm family tribute.