Living Family Videos

Our Inspiration

Everyone has a history, his story and her story.
We share our everyday yarns with friends and family, without much thought, but as the years roll on, a lot of Special Stories get left behind.
And some of us, watch many Stories, complete stranger's stories, on the TV, all the time. When was the last time you officially said, a real thank you, to love ones?
And what ever happened to the family photo albums? So we thought we’d give you a chance to express some thoughts and make a little family history, of your own.
For some, this is a Bucket List opportunity, for others, bridge building, a priceless gift to your partner, a pit stop in life, to reflect, to just sit and smile and share a yarn.
A little indulgence for your Grandmother, Aunty, Uncle, Father, Grandchild, Brother or Sister, it’s All in the Family.

Below are some packages we have available-