Premium Package | Whole 9 Yards

Whole 9 Yards                        

  • 9:00am / Post Bridal Dance           
  • Premium  Service
  • Full Edit
  • Montage
  • Exceptional Value
  • Very Affordable


  • early morning /post bridal dancing    
  • 13 hrs approx      
  • 2 cameras during service   
  • full HD   
  • 1 master DVD + 2 boxed DVDs          
  • full edit      
  • 5-10 min montage         
  • Delivery 4-6 wks         
  • pre-composed early days photo montage & interview inserts                                 

Full Details

You’ve spent how long preparing for the Big Day, and you’re still running? 
And now it’s time to consider the Wedding Video. Pictures are great, but moving sights and sounds will take you somewhere very special. 
Whole 9Yards is our TOP Premium pac, without the BIG $Price.      
Also included is 3DElite, (NOT 3D imagery) explained under THE EDGE + T&C‘s

(Assumes conventional day’s format OR  program moved around to suit your plans eg. Morning Wedding.)

What We’ll Film...

You have us all day, so options are only limited by your imagination, time and distance. 
Includes Pre-wedding day tape introduction, by Bride & Groom, with early childhood album montage.
For further details see The EDGE.

Morning – last minute prep of reception area, hair dressers, well wishes from close family members you don’t see very often, BUT mean the world? 
The morning shots are best designed, to meet your personal needs.   

The countdown continues;
  • Groom and Boys? for lunch(location/time dependent)
  • Bridal Party early preparation to near out the door
  • Pre-Service guests arriving and well wishes (guests dependent)
  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Post service congratulations
  • Garden/outside photo shoot
  • Arrival of bridal party at reception
  • Dinner and further well wishes
  • Speeches and toasts
  • Cutting of the Cake
  • Bridal Waltz
  • Family and friends dancing
  • Games
  • Garter and/or Bouquet
Cost $1695  + T&C‘s                                                          

Media 1 HD Presentation Disc + 2 Boxed Discs (fully edited, full footage + 5-10 min highlights)   
Extra Services Available - see THE EDGE + T&C‘s

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