The EDGE / T & C's

The EDGE                                                                     ( additional services explained with some Terms & Conditions   )

In a Hurry ?         It’s a NOW world, with our customer target turnaround of 4-6 wks off season and 6-8 weeks on season ( March to May, Sept to Nov )  If you need a premium turnaround, we can negotiate.  The more notice the better.

Bride & Groom INTRO & Photo Album Montage.              This is included in our premium Whole 9Yards It is available in any pac for $159 and produced before the day.   Many Services produce great Wedding Vids, but we aim to do WOW productions.   By informally sharing a little of your hopes and dreams or details of the proposal or how you met; we hope to take things to the next level.  Most offer 2D productions, Sight & Sound. We offer 3DElite , Sight, Sound & Soul which gives depth to your BIG Day story.  We normally target that around 2-3 minutes/2 to 4 Snippets.  It’s a fun and challenging exercise and we know you’ll enjoy the process and be glad you did it.  If you can chat, Elite and you can do this.      But it is your day, so think it over.     Alternatively we offer voice overs to share some of your thoughts.    The Photo Montage only needs a handful of early pics, from both families, but more is great.

Lights Camera Action  - 1 and 2       are provided in unedited format.  Many media savvy clients can use basic editing software to produce their own productions.  This may suit your budget or passions.   OR you can ask us to finish it off when time and money permits.  We store files for a min of 5 yrs.  It’s part of a better service.

Post Wedding Day Thank You’s     You might have caught up with friends and family you don’t see very often or who live a long way away.     And they mean a lot.     You could send a text, card, even a letter to say ……..Thank you for coming it was great to see you OR Videos Elite could add a professional touch.  This is a whole of guests, generic message, with the option of honeymoon photos and designed to be included with your own personal message.       Let’s talk about it?                                POA

Extra Footage Options – Why not include snippets from the Engagement Party, Bucks or Hens night.   These can really round out your love story and add a lot of fun to the final production.   These are $99 per event with a Whole 9Yards booking, so plan ahead.                               POA with other packages

Payments - 25% Deposit to secure Your Special Day.  A further 25% a fortnight before your event and outstanding monies on delivery of DVD’s.      

Charge Out Rates.  Our packages are designed to cover conventional wedding formats.  But you might have special needs.  Extra or Special work starts at $89/ hour.  This is exclusive of any material or travel costs.

Elite, All Dressed Up -  It’s your Big Day, all dressed up, so why should the photographer & video guy look like hired help?   We dress to match the style of your occasion 

Music       Yours or Ours,  let’s talk.

Travel Costs      For our Wedding Pacs, first 60k’s are on us.         50c/k there after 

Glamour Destination Events – We travel within Australia, preferably the east coast, and Pacific Islands.   There are many great services both O.S. and on the west coast.  If you are looking for value services, using ‘locals’ may be a better option.          We will quote on anywhere, worldwide.

I’ve Lost My Disc / s      We’re all human and mistakes happen.  Our mission is to store your project ( be it raw or finished ) for a Min of 5 years.    WOW free storage.  

Extra Copies  Discs start at $25/copy with cases.  Discounts for bulk orders.    Local delivery free.   
USB Sticks available also.   Note: Videos Elite focus on video product not elaborate packaging.  BUT We are happy to meet you presentation expectations on a customer by customer basis.

Booking Preferences      Lights Camera Action Pacs are great value, but our PREMIUM  VIDEO PACS take booking preference during our peak season ( March to May, Sept to Nov )   That said, just call and we’ll discuss.    Still keen to use our services, but we’re booked up?  Have you considered a morning wedding or a Friday?   Just a suggestion.

Internet Ready Material   That’s probably the easiest way to share with family and away friends.  We’ll assess your needs and advise on a price, but usually it’s only nominal.    If you’re locked into supplying an overseas disc to ‘your great Aunty’, we can mostly produce discs to international formats. 

SpysLIKE Us ( wedding proposals )    We’ll admit it’s rare, but some blokes are a touch romantic and sentimental.  In May ’13, I proposed to Gail and taped it.  It was at a friend’s home.    I then ran it, as a curtain warmer, at our wedding, before Gail arrived.  The church was packed, so it helped keep the noise down.  It was a World Premier and she had no idea, The Proposal, would be on the Big Screen.     So if you’re doing a big splash proposal, why not have something really cool, for the grand kids.   
It pays to think ahead.                                                                                                              POA   
Advertising Policy    We stand by our products & services, but don’t currently use client endorsement.    We all have different needs and it’s not always the best guide.