Twilight CHAT

Inspiration - I visited my mum, for 3 yrs, between 2011-13 in a Brisbane Nursing Home. She had terminal cancer.
It would have been great to have some final, warm, just chatting footage, with her and my adult kids.
I did take some footage, but much of it a little too late.

Nursing homes and other institutions can be spirit sapping for even the strongest souls and can cast its shadow over the whole family.
I do remember visiting my g’ma, in her Ashgrove ‘new home’, while in primary school.‘Old Peoples Homes’ can spell lack of independence, but conversely new opportunities with the right frame of mind.

Not everyone can write or has a desire to, BUT most can chat?
I found everyone around my mum would like a chat, when I called in.
This Video Family Portrait is a rare opportunity, perhaps with the grandkids and close family friends, to build a legacy like no other.
We’ll build a 20-30 min memoir with historical photo album shots, when we can.

OR give as a gift